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Soft Tissue Therapy

At Equa-libra our soft tissue therapy approach comes from a foundation in Occupational Therapy and Pilates movement therapy. The perspective of occupational therapy is supporting and treating the whole person: the physical, emotional and functional whole.  In the realm of soft tissue therapy this means providing the body opportunity to release, stretch, de-stress and realign by using hands on soft tissue and neuro-muscular techniques.  By viewing the whole person we look to understand the links in the chain, what is causing and affecting the body and mind, and what can we do to ease these things?  Evidence suggests that soft tissue therapy can significantly reduce pain and tension in the body, improve joint mobility, sleep quality, digestion and circulation, provide effective healing of sports injuries and boosts immunity. Soft tissue therapy is also significant in the world of preventative health.  Regular body work re-sets the body, and mind, so that we can aim to live pain and injury free, and allows us to perform to our best.  Come find equal balance @Equa-libra with soft tissue therapy.

Soft tissue therapy for adults

With the general adult community, soft tissue therapy can provide support with injuries, acute and chronic pain, posture and alignment, and sport performance difficulties. A therapeutic approach helps to support and ease life stress, anxiety, and other mental health concerns.  Find equal balance @Equa-libra by giving the body the attention it deserves.

For the older adult community soft tissue therapy supports active ageing.  With an occupational therapy perspective we support older adults to continue engaging in the activities they enjoy doing. Find equal balance @Equa-libra by enjoying the combination of soft tissue therapy and Pilates movement therapy to strengthen and stabilise the body, prevent injury and keep active!

Soft tissue therapy for kids

With the younger generation, soft tissue therapy can help to support and improve posture, alignment and help re-educate movement for optimal positioning for study, leisure, and life! Soft tissue therapy can help support children, teens and emerging adults with body concerns, pain, injury, and postural difficulties. The manual therapy combined with mindfulness and movement therapy helps to support mental health concerns and difficulties. Equa-libra is a safe space to explore and discuss difficulties but also find a proactive way to help the body and mind to heal.

Children who are active in sports benefit from regular soft tissue therapy to prevent injury and improve performance, in many sports including gymnastics, ballet, netball, basketball, hockey, AFL, soccer and swimming.

Soft tissue therapist with adult patient
Male soft tissue client
Soft tissue therapist with child
Male soft tissue client

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