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Balance is not something you find, its something that you create”

Jana Kingsford

Welcome to EQUA-LIBRA 

equa = equal + libra = balance

Equa-libra is a boutique occupational therapy clinic offering support to families and individuals both in the clinic and home environment. Services include functional and practical support, soft tissue therapy, movement therapy + group and individual pilates classes for adults and children. Equa-libra is conveniently located in South Perth.

The Snug Rowena and Mel
The Snug Rowena and Mel

How We help:

Occupational therapy +
Family & Paediatric Therapy

Support for adults, children and families with difficulties or limitations that affect their ability to be the best they can be in life.

Soft tissue therapy

Re-align, rebalance, rehabilitate and awaken the body for optimal performance, reduction in pain, improved feelings of wellness and restore faith in the body! 


Group and private classes to increase body awareness, core strength, balance/stability, and flexibility. Also as a tool to reduce stress and encourage mindfulness through movement.

Individual pilates demonstration with a child
picture of happy family after OT therapy
Pilates class sitting listening to instructor
Occupational Therapist Consult with client

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