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“Change happens through movement, and movement heals”

Joseph Pilates


Private or small group mat Pilates classes are a great way to discover and practice Pilates movement.

The goal of mat Pilates is to use movement to release tight muscles, lengthen and stretch the body but also, more importantly, to start to move the body in optimal alignment. By doing this we start to undo the movement patterns that have held our bodies in sub-optimal postures and learn new more optimal movement patterns. These allow our bodies to move with ease, allow us to move more functionally which in turn causes less injury and pain, and fundamentally is how we are designed to move.

Typically in a Pilates class you will perform exercises that use your own body weight, or also gravity as resistance and occasionally a range of small props or apparatus as well.  Using gravity or your own body weight might not seem like much resistance we hear you say…but when you are holding ideal alignment while performing the movements, you suddenly realise just how much work it is!  People often feel they discover muscles they never knew they had!  Evidence suggests regular mat Pilates practice helps build a strong balanced body, increases flexibility, improves focus and body awareness and also helps with regulating heart rate, improving circulation, and reduces stress. Come find equal balance @Equa-libra with a mat Pilates moment. Please enquire for current group timetable.

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